Sayonara [single]

by Gentry Fox



There we were posted up on that rock upon the hill
Passing forties back and forth sharing stories while we, chill
Talking bout how we feel on the real
What's the deal and what's forever there time stood still
When we'll go we'll never know so this memento hold it close
Don't focus on the negative but that which matters most
I hope to see that day when everybody gets their way
Let's manifest blue skies chase them gray clouds and rain
Away i’ve been waiting for change so long
I forget to just be grateful i’ve came thus far
Since start i’ve traveled quite a ways indeed
Still got so far go but thats fine with me
Maybe meaning lies within the inbetween
These memories and moments made behind the scenes
Those people that we meet that we can’t live without
Friends family and love is what this life is about
No doubt, word of mouth I take the route unseen
Just me all by lonely blessed by G-O-D
Thank thee for everything that thou gave me
I will not take life for granted yo nosiree
I’m about to change the world just wait and see
Hopefully someday my people will be proud of me
Thank you for all of them, dearly beloved friends
Ill always have your back I promise even well beyond the end

If this was my last record what would I say
Theres way too things i’d like to explain
Like the way that I behave when I go through pain
Fake smile on my face i’m gonna be okay
Rainclouds feed the flowers plants bloom every Spring
So if life is like a garden go and plant those seeds
For soon they will sprout be prepared for the drought
Push doubt unto the side and it will all work out
Side sunshine is fine
Feel it in my skin warming up my mind
I think I will be fine i’m blessed i’m free
Come vibe with me here on this frequency
I love what I do and I love what I have
I love what i’ve done for that i’m glad
Let’s chill and watch the sunset and smoke marijuana
If we never live to see tomorrow then sayonara


released November 11, 2018
Lyrics/Production: Gentry Fox
Mixing/Mastering: Gentry Fox
Artwork by: Gentry Fox


all rights reserved



Gentry Fox Rock Springs, Wyoming

Gentry Fox (born August 15th, 1991) is an American rapper/hip-hop recording artist, record producer, actor/director, & visionary entrepreneur from the town of Rock Springs in southwest Wyoming.

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