Otherground [single]

by Gentry Fox



Once upon a time far far away
On a lil' blue rock way out in space
There once was a place known as planet Earth
It was home to the birthplace of this verse
Had the hand which it came then belong to a man
Who was all but a boy with a pen and a plan
That would span many sands on demand his command
Touch fans that relate with thoughts he had
Expand closed minds giving sight to the blind
Ascend and incline elevate the divine
Combine the divide that exists inside
Remove the disguise from which we hide
Behind in attempt to save some pride
From the lies of a life which man describes
As unfair sad cruel and hard
With some surprise that might be far
From what real truth might truly be
Perspective is the missing link
Thoughts far beyond what sights can see
Behold that key unto our dreams
You can achieve anything that you want
So long as yourself believe that thought
Loss shall be forgot when faith is strong
That path that you walk won’t feel so long

Pain shall be forgot when faith is strong
That path that you walk won’t feel so long
Not long like at all but short and swift
So quick that you might even just miss
These sights that reside alongside of the way
Like the hue of the leaves or the smell of the rain
Like fine grains that reside on a beach
Or cool blades of grass underneath our feet
There you see he gave it his all
Every day of the year winter spring summer fall
Breaking down every wall that reside in his way
With a whole lot of rage and whole lot of pain
Lying deep down inside he would place on the page
Let it all out the mind leave it all on the stage
Light it all up in flames taking note of his name
He became everything that he set out to claim
Traveled the globe preaching words that he wrote
To some folks in desperate need of hope
Each and every show he gave it his life
Every time that he placed his hands on the mic
He became most alive and then in time
Had a couple of kids with one beautiful wife
Some cried when he died but he’s not gone
His soul will live on within this song

**Why do I try?**
So hard to be loved?
So much to be liked?
**Why do I care?**
How they feel when i’m gone?
Their thoughts while i’m here?
**Where will I go?**
Where will I find my place?
When will I have a home?
**Why am I here?**
To love and uplift inspiration and cheer
Up all the ones that you hold dear
Shear your career but be sincere
Adhere to the near and persevere
Revere in the here not then but now
Make them believe then ask but how
Frontier pioneer hows that sound
Theres nothing to fear we’re otherground


released November 11, 2018
Lyrics/Production: Gentry Fox
Mixing/Mastering: MatrixAudio
Artwork by: Gentry Fox


all rights reserved



Gentry Fox Rock Springs, Wyoming

Gentry Fox (born August 15th, 1991) is an American rapper/hip-hop recording artist, record producer, actor/director, & visionary entrepreneur from the town of Rock Springs in southwest Wyoming.

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